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Dance Classes

Programs We Odance studio burlington waterdownffer:

  • Competitive
  • Part Time Competitive
  • Pre-Competit
  • Street Program
  • Contemporary Program
  • Recreational
  • Adult
Creative movement in dance taught to kids 2 1/2 - 4 years old. Creative Movement: This program will help your child in the development of movement through music. They will learn the basic steps of both ballet and jazz put together with fun music that will develop their ability to understand rhythm. Props including hoops, scarves, mats and more are used to make the classes fun and stimulating. Creative movement is for children 2.5 – 4 years of age.
dance competition winning studioBallet: Our ballet program offers an understanding and foundation to the technical fundamentals of Classical Ballet. Dancers will learn the basics, all the way to advanced Classical Ballet.
Levels will be offered according to age and dance experience.
Jazz: dance-studio-burllington-3This is a dance style dedicated to high energy and expressive choreography.
Dancers will learn jazz technique, steps and combinations to fast up beat music.
TapTap: This is a fun-filed and energetic class that builds fundamental skills like rhythm, timing and co-ordination. Moving their feet to the beat, children will learn how to create music with their feet.
Hip Hop: A high-energy level class focused on teaching in fundamentals of isolation and rhythm. Using current repertoire your dancer will learn techniques from genres such as dance hall, pop & lock, breaking and jazz. Overall they will learn to let loose, have fun and dance with expression.
Acrobatics: The acrobatics program is dedicated to children who love to dance, but also love to do gymnastics. The two styles are united for a unique and fun experience for your child. They will learn the athletic style of gymnastics with the artistic approach of jazz.
Lyrical dance lessons for kids in Burlington, Ontario.Lyrical: This class is based on expression through artistic movement. This program will help dancers understand how emotion and expression cam be portrayed through dance with slow to medium pace music. Lyrical requires jazz or ballet experience and begins at age 11.
Musical Theatre classes at Creative Edge dance studio Burlington.Musical Theatre: For kids that love to entertain, musical theatre gives  them the opportunity to act out characters and songs with lip-synching and dancing.  It’s a great way to learn expression and stage presence while having a lot of fun!
Breakdancing and hip hop dance lesson in Burlington.Break Dance: This form of dance pulls from its roots in Brooklyn, New York, combining cool, street style dance moves with acrobatic balances and athletic ability.  No previous dance experience is necessary.
Contemporary: Stemming from the modern dance movement, contemporary dance is one of the most popular dance forms today.  Using creative expression and movement, dancers build on their ballet and jazz experience to take their dancing ability in another direction and to new levels.
Pointe: Pointe is a higher form of ballet where dancers begin to perform up on their toes.  Previous ballet experience and pointe shoes are necessary to take this class.
Tumbling: Similar to floor routines in gymnastics, tumbling is a skill that is used in acrobatic and other forms of dance.  Students can begin with back walkovers and cartwheels, then progress through back handsprings, back layouts, side aerials, front aerials, back tucks and tumbling passes.
Skipping classes for kids.Skipping: We are proud to offer skipping classes at Creative Edge Dance. Way beyond your school yard skipping, these classes combine athleticism, coordination and musicality to do cool routines with great tricks. Always a huge hit at recital and a great way to keep fit and have fun.

Dance Attire

Ballet– pink ballet slippers, pink tights, black body suit, tutu provided for creative movement students. Hair neatly back in a bun.

Jazz – Black shorts or pants, fitted t-shirt or tank, Beige so Dance Jazz shoes (JZ43) or Bloch foot paws.

Tap –black shorts or pants, hair tied back, black tap shoes.

Acrobatics – Shorts or body suit, fitted t-shirt or tank, no shoes required!

Hip-Hop – Street/baggy clothing, street/running shoes (indoor)

Lyrical – Black shorts or pants, fitted t-shirt or tank, Bloch foot paws.