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Dance Competitions

dance studio for boysCreative Edge looks for the most cutting edge and progressive dance competitions to give our students exposure to the best in dance performance. Our goal is to challenge our students to help them grow and reach higher as they learn to express their love of dance through performance.

Our view of competitions is that they are a chance for our dancers to show the tremendous dedication and hard work they have put in.  While technical dance and musicality is extremely important, we also work on performance skills.  Group dancers learn how to move together and work as a team.  We strive to choreograph dances with meaning, purpose or to entertain.  We encourage each dancer to be the best they can be and Dance on the Edge!  When you are passionate about something, the trophies will follow.

We congratulate our competitive dance team on the tremendous success we have had each season, including some top marks of the competitions.

We have participated in the following dance competitions:

  • Bedazzled
    Onstage Dance Competition
    Fever International Competition

Dance Competitions Creative Edge

Standard Make-Up for the Year

Competition Makeup Needed (Girls only):


All makeup can be found online or in-store at Mac (Mapleview Mall)

dance competition winning studioLipstick:

MAC Dubonet


  • MAC Rice Paper and MAC Bronze
  • Black Eyeliner


  • Bronzer
  • Pink blush of your choosing, we recommend a 2-in-1.


modern lyrical danceFalse eyelashes can be purchased at the studio.  The eyelashes cannot have any colour or sparkle.

The studio arranges for costumes for all competitive dancers.  In our efforts to keep dance affordable for everyone, we keep our costume prices reasonable.  More information on dance competitions, makeup application, costumes and dance etiquette are discussed at the competitive dance parent meeting and are available in our competitive guidebook.