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Street Dance

Street Dance Performance

Hip Hop Dance Lesson BurlingtonThis is a program designed and dedicated to hip hop and street dancers who want a competitive edge! These dancers are integrated with our Core Company and given technical training.

They are part-time competitive students who have not yet had the chance to train in a positive, competitive studio environment. This program helps these dancers learn all types of dance in a safe and positive atmosphere.

street style urban danceThe Creative Edge Street Company requires commitment, but only on a part-time basis, with becoming a full time competitive dancer as the goal. Dancers will take required classes in hip hop choreography, stretch & strength, hip hop technique, and break dance or hip hop drop in.

The Street Style dance company members are encouraged to take as many of the open/drop in classes as they like in order to improve their dance skills. There is no additional charge for these add-on classes, making this program one of the best bargains for top quality dance education.

Hip Hop Dance Lessons Burlington ONOverall this program aims to stimulate those who enjoy hip hop but want to take the next steps to become a performer and be challenged in a positive environment.



street dance lessonsOur family has been involved in competitive dance for 6 years and when we moved to Burlington 3 years ago my oldest decided she was burned out and done with the stress and intensity of dance.  I met a parent who’s daughters danced at Creative Edge and she raved about this new studio.  I was interested by what she had to say and convinced my daughter to try out at CE.  The night she auditioned we left the studio feeling like we had found an amazing and caring studio for her to dance and she was so excited to dance again.  Our initial feeling was not wrong and 2.5 years later I now have 3 of my children dancing competitively at CE.  It is an amazing studio with exceptional teachers, not only for their knowledge and fantastic choreography but their love for my children.”  

Amy Douglas, Dance Parent 



Marni Slat